Eyeliner Top & Bottom

Define & enhance your eyes, without spending the extra time each morning! Finally! -Smudge proof! -Sweat proof! -Water proof! -Cry proof eyeliner! 

*Customized thickness & color discussed at the beginning of appointment. 

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner: Top & Bottom

This technique is through the lash line to help darken & define your lashes & enhance your eyes, without adding too much. This will give you a more natural eyeliner look. Colors will be discussed at appointment.

*Please read all FAQ’s, after care and post care instructions on our website before booking. 

*7-10 days for healing. 

*50% of service is required to reserve all Permanent Makeup services. 

*2nd appointment is required 4-8 weeks later as a $100 touch up (per area)

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