Combo Services

Combo: Brows & Lips

Best of both worlds! Beautiful Brows that frame your face AND lasting Eyeliner to Enhance the windows to your soul! With this combo you can truly wake up and no makeup! …What will you do with all that free time in the morning now? 

Combo: Brows + Lash Enhancement

Classic Beauty! This combo gives you the option of any brow technique and permanent lash enhancement. This will define your lash line. Giving you the appearance of darker, fuller lashes, without having a traditional “eyeliner” line above your lash line. 


Combo: Brows + Lips

WOW! Beautiful Brows AND lasting Lip color! She’s unstoppable!!! This combo gives you the option of any brow technique and either lip blush, ombré lips or full lipstick customized color of your choice.

Combo: Eyeliner + Lips

Finally! Lasting eyeliner that doesn’t smudge AND beautiful, lasting Lip color that doesn’t smear! With this combo you will have that water-proof, sweat-proof, no more fuss in the mornings makeup look you’ve always desired! …Good bye morning routine! Hellooooo more beauty sleep!

Combo: FullFace Brows | Eyeliner | Lips

Aaahhh YES!!! It’s your lucky day! Now you can actually sleep in longer AND wake up to a face full of Semi-Permanent Cosmetics! …Without the harsh consequences of sleeping in your makeup from the day before! Free up your morning routine! And enhance your best features on a daily with minimal to no effort! -She woke up like this 😉

*Please read all FAQ’s, after care and post care instructions on our website before booking. 

*7-10 days for healing. 

*50% of service is required to reserve all Permanent Makeup services. 

*2nd appointment is required 4-8 weeks later as a $100 touch up (per area)

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