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Danyelle Nirvana

Danyelle is our Licensed Aesthetician, Master Trained Permanent Makeup Artist & Lash Extension Specialist.
She specializes in:Micro-Blading, Powder Brows, Combo Brows, Classic Eyeliner, Shaded Eyeliner, Lip Blushing and all your Lash Extensions needs.


Microblading, Fashion Powder, 3D Combo, Hair strokes & Ombré ...


Lip Blush

What our clients say

What our clients say

I moved to Austin 2 years ago and it has taken me FOREVER to find someone who does good work! I finally found her!!! From the first time I got my lashes with Dany I have enjoyed every session. She is very outgoing and very skilled. My lashes last longer than they ever have and she makes them look beautiful! She makes you feel warm and welcome and listens to what you want! I am so happy I found her- I highly recommend her!

Ashley M.

I got my eyelashes done for the first time ever by Danny and I'm obsessed! It's so nice to not feel like I need to put makeup on because my lashes make me feel so done up and pretty. Danny does a great job, they look very natural and placed perfectly. They also last forever. In this picture it had been 2 1/2 weeks after my fill and they still look great.

Sarah R.

I've had my lashes done many times before but the set I've gotten from Danyelle is by far the best. Before we started, she consulted me on what look I was going for and then explained what kind of lashes she would be applying. She applies lashes in a way that compliment your features and makes sure to accentuate every lash. Plus, she was so sweet and easy to talk to, definitely get your lashes done with her!

Hira B.

Danyelle did both my eyeliner and a full lip color! I am very pleased with the results. I wanted just a shade darker on my lips because I had an issue with the line of my lips kind of disappearing. I love how she was able to better define my cupid's bow and make it so that if I just want to throw on chapstick, my lips still have some color and definition.On my eyes I just wanted a basic liner because I can't seem to find a liner that doesn't bleed all over my face. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing that I've got smudges here and there. Danyelle again delivered on exactly what I asked for. She lined the top and made my lash line seem fuller and darker and did a nice line on my water line on bottom as well.I would definitely recommend her for your permanent makeup needs!

Emily P.

If you're researching permanent makeup-artists, please read this review and I hope it helps you feel confident booking with Danyelle. I had the 3D powder fill/ hairstroke brow procedure and couldn't be more pleased! I had previous microblading done by someone else and wasn't even informed about other options for semi-permanent brows and why I wasn't good candidate for microblading. My microbladed brows faded too quickly even after getting them retouched annually two times and the hairstrokes did not heal as crisp as they appeared immediately after the microblading procedure. Danyelle explained this is common with oiler skin types and explained why a procedure using the permanent makeup machine would be better, longer lasting option for me. She made small tweaks to the outline I had drawn resulting in beautiful natural looking brows that perfectly framed my face. Also, I would say my tolerance for pain is lower than average, so having this procedure done in a medical spa where a higher percentage numbing cream is available was a life saver.

Y H.

Danyelle is a pro. She is very meticulous with her work and a clients expectations. She made certain I was comfortable throuhout the procedure. As a 65 year old women our eyebrows have a way of disappearing and she restored my brows matching them to my hair color. I highly recommend her services and I will be a return client.

Debra J.

Danyelle did my eyebrows and upper & lower lid liner. she provided me with a thorough consultation including options and information based on her years of experience. She is knowledgeable, personable, highly skilled and professional. Danny kept me informed and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I greatly appreciated her attention to detail. Very happy with the results but understand that I will go through several phases during the healing cycle. Can't wait to see the true reflection of healed color in 3-4 weeks. Seriously considering seeing Danny again for my lips ... She's that good! If you are considering taking the permanent makeup plunge, do your homework and you will end up in Danyelle's hands!

Vickie T.

I strongly recommend Danyelle, she is very professional, patient and very kind. The atmosphere there is relaxing, friendly and non intimidating. I would not go anywhere else for my skin care or permanent makeup, she is the perfect person for the job. I'm very happy with the way my permanent eyeliner turned out, no more stressing to do my eyeliner! Thank you beautiful!

Lucila F.

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